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2007: Make or Break

The Department of Education took a risk in 2007, and engaged Minx to design a brand new primary school in Doreen, a rapidly growing suburb in Melbourne’s north.

This project signalled the need for both Jane and Jenny to return to full time work and for Minx to grow from a small to a medium sized practice.

The project was delivered on time, under budget and provided one of the Department of Education’s first working examples of flexible spaces with integrated information technology.

Working with leaders in emerging technologies, this school’s pedagogy was developed around Apple TV and iPad devices, at a time when interactive whiteboards were being installed in classrooms throughout the state. The flexibility allowed by mobile digital display screens and iPads has allowed this school to be an exemplary model for other schools to visit.

The collaboration between Minx and the Principal and Assistant Principal at Laurimar Primary school has continued with their move to Hazel Glen College – where the ideas that were introduced at Laurimar Primary have been developed and expanded.

Information Technology and digital communication has altered the way we teach and learn. Our challenge as education architects is to understand what facilities the educators and students of tomorrow will need to best support the school’s pedagogy.

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