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Collaboration : Communication : Consultation

All business faces challenges in the time of COVID.

While we have been very lucky here at Minx, in that we have been able to continue to operate from our studio, social distancing restrictions have altered the way that we collaborate, communicate and consult.

Working from home, maintaining distance and meeting remotely all challenge the fundamental workings of our studio design culture.

  • Communication is difficult when it is not face to face

  • Consultation is less effective when executed remotely but

  • Collaboration is really problematic

The incidental learning that takes place in a collaborative studio environment is critical to the development of ideas, knowlege and understanding:

Simply being able to lean across the desk and ask a colleague a question,

Watching a senior staff member resolve a difficult problem

Listening into a phone conversation with a client arejust a few examples of how the open plan studio environment allows for incidental learning to occur.

While working from home offers great opportunities for work life balance, working within a studio is essential to the development of Architectural Practice.


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