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An end to our Irish Experiment

We are very sad to announce that our favourite Irish Architect, Cathal Dolan is leaving us to return to Ireland at the end of November. Cathal has been an integral part of the Minx team for over 10 years and he will be greatly missed by directors, staff, consultants, clients and contractors alike.

Cathal has decided to return to Ireland to be closer to his family. Covid has had a disruptive effect on many of our lives, particularly se who rely on international travel being accessible to allow families to stay connected. While we understand that this choice has been a difficult one for Cathal to make, we wish him the very best and hope that he continues to practice his skills in Education Architecture on his return.

Over the past 10 years Cathal has worked on a variety of VSBA and MACS projects. His work has been recognised in both the VSBA School Design and the LEA Victorian Chapter Awards.

He has been a joy to work with, his sense of humour, calm demeanour and patience as a mentor make it difficult to loose him from our team.

Goodbye Cathal, stay in contact, we will all miss you.


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