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21 Years of Minx

After 21 years the team at Minx celebrated their coming of age with a team planning day on Friday in Avenel.

It was a time to reflect on the past and to consider our future directions.

Jenny provided a comprehensive re-cap on the evolution of the Minx that we have come to know today.

Jane launched the Minx Employee Ownership Share Plan, that will provide Minx Employees the opportunity to acquire shareholdings in the company as of October 2022.

Our new Associate, Alex Leeder and Senior Associate Anais Craig were congratulated on their promotions.

Our Senior Associates Mel, James and Anais presented their pitches for work in new and interesting fields.

But the highlight of the day was the ArchiCAD infotorial presented by @HackTV by Frankie D.

Following on from our planning day, half of the team ventured further afield to Falls Creek, for the inaugural Minx Ski weekend. Timed to perfection the snow dumped and the team took to the slopes. A great weekend for all!


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