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Meet Minx's New Owners!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Minx Employee Share Scheme

From 2023 onwards, Jenny and Jane will be joined by new shareholders in Minx.

The share scheme allows our valued employees to become shareholders in Minx Architecture.

Our new ownership structure reflects the contributions of everyone in our team and allows those who have worked towards building our success to be rewarded as shareholders in the company.

We are thrilled with the enthusiasm with which our team has embraced this opportunity. We welcome:

James Borcich, Anais Craig, Dennis Gallardo,

Mel Walton,

Adam Trifiletti,

Carl Tanwangco and

Frank D'Andrea as new shareholders in Minx Architecture.

We would like to thank our mentors, colleagues, accountants and lawyers for all of the assistance and guidance provided to us from the initial investigation stage through to the implementation of our new Employee Share Scheme.

We look forward to an injection of youth, enthusiasm and vision in the leadership of our company in 2023!


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