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2011 : The Irish Experiment

In 2011 Minx Architecture executed the “Irish Experiment”. Much like in the AFL, this venture has been largely successful. Cathal Dolan hails from a small rural town in on the east coast of Ireland called Carrickmacross. His name is apparently Irish for Charlie.

Naturally part of the Irish Experiment involved working out how to speak Irish.

For a year a big poster was hung in the office as a phonetic reminder of how to pronounce his name:

CUH-HULL. He says it’s easy – just say “Alcohol” without the “Al”. Most still struggle, with the local preferred version usually being CaTHal (like cattle but with a “TH” sound in the middle).

Cathal studied Architecture in Scotland and in 2011 his travels brought him to Melbourne and Minx. His extensive knowledge of the Catholic school system has given Minx valuable insight into the particular requirements of this sector of education.

Cathal became an Associate in 2015 and more recently became engaged to Michelle (another part of the Irish Experiment) in February 2016 and the two lovebirds are heading back to the Emerald Isle in September to marry.

We wish them luck and hope that they enjoy making Australia their new home.

We can only hope that their kids, when they have them will have easier names to pronounce…..

Perhaps Charlie?

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