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15 Years of Lessons Learned (LLs)

They say 9/11 altered the world. However it was actually 13/9 that changed ours. In the spirit of the current fixation on “risk management” (RM), KPIs and “value adding” (VA) we have a few “lessons learned” (LLs) we would like to share…...

Multi-tasking has its limits:

1. Red wine should not be drunk while colouring in presentation drawings

2. Spilt coffee permanently jams keyboards

3. Chicken schnitzel should not be cooked while marking up documents With the deadline looming it's important to remember:

4.When the kitchen table is deemed the workspace, use spray ‘n’ wipe and DRY thoroughly

5. Whiteout CAN be removed from black fabric with DW40

6. Often you can fix equipment by repeatedly turning it off and on

7. Always have multiple back-up plans ……….. digital technology WILL fail

When it seems impossible, confusing, illogical and/or ridiculous, then repeat these mantras:

8. Hang in there long enough and you WILL outlast the problem

9. There will always be another acronym

10. Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth SHUT

11. It will never be perfect …… 100% your best, but never perfect…..

Full comprehension of the following makes it all easier:

12. Abide by the MINX 3F rule (definition to be provided upon request)

13. Teams are GOOD …… as long as Jane gets to be the captain

14. When Jenny says “I might be thick but….” It means she knows exactly what is going on

15. Work to your strengths and team up with a partner to cover your weaknesses

And one LL to take Minx forward:

16. If all else fails then it's time to laugh until your tummy hurts.

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