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Now the awards hang in our office and we have time to reflect. What does it all mean? Does this mean that we should be taken more seriously? Does this mean that we should perhaps take ourselves more seriously?

The highlight of the awards night (other than receiving the awards) was the moment of humour, when our company photograph slid onto the screen. Strangely when the cheesy photos submitted by other firms flashed up before us, there was a respectful silence. Our photo however was greeted with chuckles.

Sure the day of our professional office photographs did not go to plan, with Jenny turning up in a purple wig with matching purple lipstick. But I still was under the misapprehension that we looked the part in the resulting shot - I did make her remove the wig, but the lipstick was more stubborn - the black and white option still worked for me.

Perhaps this is all out of our control anyway. And perhaps not taking yourself too seriously isn't such a bad thing anyway...........Seriously.

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