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Sentimental Schooling

Communities across the state love their old school houses. The sentimentality that is attached to these structures is often a challenge when a schools pedagogy is no longer supported by a cellular teaching space.

Over the years Minx has re-purposed a number of old school houses:

  • Macclesfield Primary School - a new parents room

  • Gembrook Primary School - a new library

  • Mt Eliza Primary School - a new outside hours school care facility

  • Blackburn South Primary School - a new music centre

  • Neerim South Primary School - a new administration centre

Hampton Park Old School House on the move

At Hampton Park Primary School for the first time the Department of Education has funded a relocation and gifted the building to the Local Council. The old school house has been jacked up, put on the back of a truck and moved across the road to the council reserve. The city of Casey will be upgrading the school house to create a new community centre. This has been a fantastic result for the local community, retaining the local heritage of Hampton Park and allowing the school to develop contemporary new facilities in response to the needs of 21C learners.

A great example of community and schools working together to create spaces for all.

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