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Staff Profile- Dennis Gallardo

Dennis Gallardo is just one of the talented Architects Minx Architecture has in their team.

Dennis started his journey into Architecture back in 1993, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Architecture) in the Philippines. After working in the Philippines as well as Hong Kong for quite some time, Dennis and his wife decided to move to Australia in 2007.

Fast forward to 2019 and Dennis has now been in our team since 2014. So to profile this Quiet Achiever, we thought we would ask him a few questions.

What made you want to be an Architect?

When I was growing up, I was quite interested in how buildings could affect our mood, behavior and even the way we live. We spend most of our lives in buildings so I wanted to influence the way people live their lives for the better. I chose to working in this industry because of its compassion and commitment to professionalism and to have something that I designed with my imagination come to reality.

What is it about working in Education Architecture that you enjoy the most? Having quite a technical mind with the ability to think laterally, I enjoy creating spaces in creative ways to help prepare the future of all students.

When you're not at Minx, what keeps you busy? I enjoy keeping busy at home, gardening and spending time with my family.


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